Top 5 Benefits in Receiving Plumbing Maintenance For The Winter

Plumbing issues are more likely to spring up in winter than in mid-summer. Water running through your pipes will move from freezing temperatures to moderate temperatures, which can cause the water to freeze. This also causes the water systems to expand and contract (especially if you have metal pipes). If not properly taken care of, this may lead to all sorts of problems in your drainage system. That is exactly why the team at Russell & LeMay wants you to consider winter plumbing maintenance. This will help prevent major problems from striking your home during the winter, which in turn will not only safeguard your home but help you save money on future repairs as well.

1. Patch Gaps to Prevent Leaking

Plumbing is more likely to fluctuate during the colder months, due to a shift in the outdoor temperatures and the fluctuation of temperatures inside of your home and the temperature in the external environment. This means some areas of the plumbing are more susceptible to creating gaps. In order to avoid this issue, you need to have it inspected and repaired. Doing so will prevent costly leaks during the winter.

2. Insulation

Your plumber may find areas of piping that needs to be insulated. Doing so prior to winter will help prevent the loss of water temperatures as it travels throughout your home. With the added insulation, you will cut down on the amount of money spent on the heating system in your home. Not only will you maintain warmer water temperatures but you will save money as well.

3. Fix Those Minor Issues

Over the course of a year, your home’s water fixtures will go through various transitions from constantly holding back water to controlling its flow. Through these transitions, a number of issues can develop. If you detect these issues on time, it becomes cheaper and quicker to fix. A dripping faucet, for example, is a minor issue, but when not repaired it can cost you hundreds of dollars annually (not to mention it likely develops into a larger problem). With annual maintenance during the winter months, you will have this area corrected.

4. Clear out Drains

This is a good time to have the drains cleaned out. During the annual inspection, your plumber will be able to identify problem areas and see if there are issues developing within the pipes. They can then clean out the issues before you start to see water back up into your home.

5. Improve Energy Efficiency

One of the key reasons why you need to take advantage of annual maintenance during the winter months is the need to improve energy efficiency. You will have pipes cleared of debris while other pipes might receive additional insulation. The plumbers can also improve the efficiency of the connected appliances, which will help save money.

Annual routine maintenance on your pipes is critical. Small issues, when not addressed, will turn into substantial problems, which can cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in repairs later. You can avoid all of these issues by taking advantage of annual maintenance. Because these problems are more likely to spring up on you during the winter when temperatures are cold and often teetering around freezing temperatures, it is necessary for you to bring in a professional to service and inspect your plumbing. With the aid of winter plumbing maintenance from Russell & LeMay, you will extend the life of your water systems, cut down the incidence of damage, and increase your ability to save money long term. So now is the time to give Russell & LeMay a call.


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