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In a perfect world, everything works as it should and you’d never need outside assistance for anything. Sadly, that is not the case, and there likely will be a time where plumbing issues occur within your home. From time to time, these plumbing problems are minor and you may choose to work on the problem yourself. However, there are times where you need a professional to come in, identify the cause of the issue and correct it. Here are a handful of times where you need professional plumbing in Little Rock help. 

Regular Maintenance

This is something many home owners fail to do, yet it has the potential of saving thousands of dollars in the long run. Most plumbing problems do not just happen. These issues are the culmination of months, if not years of mineral build ups, or moisture pooling into an area where it shouldn’t. With regular maintenance, a professional plumber can identify these issues before anything substantial occurs. By correcting the problem early, you can avoid property damage or extremely costly repairs later on. Plus, regular maintenance can improve water flow in the pipes, help you can out the garbage disposal and water tanks while also testing water pressure. 

Low Water Pressure

Have you found areas in your home to suddenly have low water pressure? Perhaps your shower isn’t spraying the water like it use to. It’s also possible the entire house now suffers from low water pressure. If this is the case, there could be a problem with the municipal water supply. There may also be a problem with the faucet aerators or the pipes in the house. With such a wide spread spectrum of possibilities, you need a professional to come in and identify the problem. If it is a municipal issue, there likely isn’t much to be done. However, all other culprits can be corrected. 

Leaking Pipes

When it comes to plumbing in Little rock, one of the most common problems is leaking pipes. It might seem straight forward enough to repair these pipes, but in reality, the obvious answer is not always the correct one. While the pipe might be leaking in one specific location, chances are the leak is caused by issues further down the pipe line. If you don’t correct the cause of the leak, another leak will develop. This becomes time consuming and expensive over time. So, if you have identified a leaking pipe, you need to bring in the professional plumbing in Little rock service provider. 

Drainage Problems

There are a few different drainage problems you need to be aware of. If the water runs slowly down your shower or sinks, you need a plumber because using the chemical mixtures found at the store can do more damage to your plumbing than anything else. Over time, excessive use will only break down the plumbing and cause larger problems. The other drainage problem is if water begins to back up into the shower or sink. If this happens it may mean the water-out line running from your home to the city or a septic tank is blocked. Contact a plumber right away should this ever happen. 

No matter the issue, when it comes to professional plumbing in Little Rock, Russel & LeMay has you covered. From installing new, tankless water heaters, to correcting drips and replacing old plumbing, the professional, certified, licensed and trained plumbers at Russel & LeMay can help. So, whether you have a question, want to inquire about costs or are in need of setting up an in-home service, feel free to contact the team at Russel & LeMay today!

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