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No other system in your house has the potential to do as much damage to your property as the plumbing. For this reason, you need assurance that your plumbing installation crew will provide high-quality service that will protect your family and your property. When searching for the finest plumbing installation crews, look for these five characteristics:

Years of Service

In plumbing, the experience is essential. With experience, a plumber learns the best way to handle tricky situations, like a giant tree root growing in a vital area of the lawn or how to move new equipment into a small space. Additionally, an experienced plumber is better at cost estimation and pricing than someone new to the profession. The last thing you want is to hire an inexperienced plumber for the installation, only to find they grossly underestimated the materials or labor costs.

Companies who have been in business for a long time are usually only able to do so because they provide exceptional products and services to their customers, so choosing a plumber with a long history should give you some peace of mind.

Locally Owned and Operated

Big, national plumbing companies seem like a good idea on the surface. They promise low prices and prompt service, but those things come with a hidden cost.

Local plumbing companies are aware of the unique weather patterns, soil conditions, and other external factors that can have an impact on your plumbing. If you live in an area that has severe flooding once every ten years, then you want a plumber who can make installation plans accordingly.


The best installers offer guarantees as a safeguard against mistakes or equipment malfunctions. The more extended and comprehensive the guarantees, the more confident the company is about the quality of the work they produce. No company is going to give you a three-year guarantee on installation if there is a good chance the work with break down in six months.

At the same time, a guarantee often indicates that the company is committed to using the best, and not just the cheapest, parts, and equipment.

Up-To-Date Technology

Technology is continually changing, and you want a plumber who can give you all of your options for your new installation. Rapidly developing technology in tankless water heaters and “smart” plumbing is the wave of the future, so you need a plumber who can make that kind of equipment available to you.

The last thing that you need in a plumber is a pushy salesperson. When a plumber is not up to date with the technology, they may try to push you into one particular plumbing solution, because that is the only one they know how to install.


From showing up on time to explaining the different parts of your bill, the best installers always demonstrate professionalism. The process of installing new plumbing in your home is stressful on its own, and the problem only gets worse when the person tasked with doing the work does not treat you with courtesy and respect.

The most important trait to look for in assessing the professionalism of a company is its willingness to listen to you. A company that charges in to tackle a problem without fully understanding what you are looking for is one that may overlook critical details in their installation.

With the right plumber, your new installation project doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Take the time to vet the right company for the job, and you will be glad you did for the finest plumbing installation.

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