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Scheduling a plumbing tune up should always be on your to-do list at the culmination of winter. Most homeowners tend to forget about plumbing maintenance until they detect leaks, clogs or broken pipes. The increased strain on your plumbing system during the winter season drastically elevates the likelihood of its failure, which makes spring the ideal time to inspect and correct any issues. Spring maintenance prevents potential problems, and it also prepares your plumbing system for the hot summer season. The following are compelling reasons why you should schedule spring plumbing maintenance.

Checking for Leaks

Inspecting your plumbing system for leaks is among the major aspects of a spring tune up. Our professional plumbers will examine your faucets and toilets, and if they detect leaks, they will either repair them or install new fixtures. Our knowledgeable technicians will subsequently inspect all the visible pipes below your sinks, in the basement and in open areas, like the gutter systems and hose connections. Extremely cold temperatures experienced during the winter season can make your pipes freeze, which makes spring the perfect time to inspect them for damages and perform the required repairs. Promptly finding and fixing leaks can reduce your water bill by a considerable amount and also protect your home from water damage and mold growth.

Protecting Your Irrigation System

Most homeowners shut off and drain their sprinklers during the winter season as a way of protecting them from the freezing temperatures. However, few of them know that restarting the system without professional help can cause problems like water hammer, which is the main reason why sprinkler heads pop and pipes collapse. During spring maintenance for your plumbing, our skilled technicians will examine your sprinkler carefully for signs of leakage while adjusting your controllers, timers and heads to ascertain that your system has been restarted properly. This tune up also ensures that your irrigation system will efficiently rehydrate your lawn during the hot summer months.

Water Heater Tune Up

Heaters are put to more use and ordinarily work harder during the winter season, including supplying warm water for the shower and dishwasher. Scale, rust and sediment can accumulate in your water heater tank over time and reduce its effectiveness, as well as its life expectancy. During a plumbing maintenance visit, your plumber will flush the entire system to remove the sediment. They will also identify and address any leaks, tune up the water temperature and also ensure that both your tank and its housing are in optimal condition. To prevent your tank from accumulating too much pressure, your plumber will ensure that your temperature and pressure relief valve is in proper working condition and replace it if necessary.

Water Pressure

Our spring maintenance experts will also check your water pressure and ensure that it is at a safe level. Excessive water pressure can cause your pipes to break, which might result in expensive repairs. If our skilled technicians realize that the pressure is too high, they will install a regulator to keep it down.

During winter, your water pipes are exposed to extremely cold temperatures for a prolonged period. This makes scheduling spring maintenance an excellent way of addressing issues, if any, while keeping your home’s plumbing system running smoothly throughout the coming summer season. A scheduled spring plumbing maintenance can help you prevent expensive repairs by detecting and addressing issues at an early stage. Your professional plumber from Russell and Lemay will inspect and correct any problems in your sinks, faucets, water heater, toilets and all the visible pipes during the tune up process.

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