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When purchasing a home, many of us tend to stick with the previous water heating system. However, after a lengthy lifetime of service, even with many repairs, your water heater gets worn out.  It is time to buy a more efficient one to avoid the cold morning showers. But before purchasing a brand-new water heater, you need to identify your household needs and familiarize yourself with the many choices available in today’s market for a better understanding of your vast options. Here are some guidelines that will help determine the best water heater appliance for your needs.

Before digging into the criteria of choosing the right Hot Water Heaters for your home, let’s take a look at the types of water heaters available.

The major types of water heaters

  1. Tankless / Demand / “Instantaneous” water heaters – These water heaters instantly heat water flowing through the device. Apart from what is in the heat exchanger coil, they don’t retain any water internally.
  2. Conventional Storage water heaters – they consist of cylindrical containers that keep water continuously hot and ready for use.
  3. Electric heat pump water heaters – relies on electrical heating elements
  4. Solar water heaters –  use the sun’s heat power to warm water.

For more information about the types of hot water heaters and their installation procedures visit SmarterHouse.

What to consider when selecting hot water heaters

1. Size

Your household hot water needs go hand-in-hand with the size of the water heater in place. Seek advice from a qualified contractor for proper sizing combinations for your water and space heating systems. They included heat pump systems, tankless coil, and indirect water heaters.  Your contractor will first carry a home inspection to determine if your chosen type is a perfect fit for your home’s physical space. Keep in mind that a wrong size will lead to poor energy efficiency at the same time won’t meet your household needs.

2.  Cost and Energy Efficiency

When buying a water heating system, it’s good to consider the long-term operational costs at the same time the buying price.  Settling for a water heater that has the Energy Efficiency star seal is an economical choice.  Such water heaters are environmentally friendly and save you a lot of operational costs.  

3. Availability and Warranty

Is the water heater type available within your reach as well as its fueling system? It is better to settle for an efficient water heating system that will not only cost you less but is locally available. It is also best to check if there is a warranty in case you are not satisfied with the product’s performance. Go for brands that have high ratings and good customer services.

4. DIY or requires a contractor

When choosing a water heater, you might want to consider its installation requirements. Does it need a professional installation or can you do it yourself? Overall, however most water heaters require a qualified contractor’s installation. 

The top 2016 water heaters you might want to consider buying

  • Rheem EcoSense Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater – Best gas hot water heater brand with four options for your selection.  A bit pricey but proves to be efficient and durable.
  • GE GeoSpring Hybrid: favorite tankless water heater brand.
  • Reliance 12 50 EART electric water heater: its heating elements last longer than conventional heating elements.
  • The U.S. Craftmaster NEE3J50HD:  an electric hot water heater that allows you to change settings via its touchscreen controls.
  • The AO Smith Vertex GPHE-50: occupy little floor space but quite taller than standard models.

If you are interested in a hot water heater, contact Russell & Lemay today!

5 Responses to Selecting a Good Hot Water Heater for Your Household | Russell & Lemay

  1. Frank Delaware April 3, 2017 at 12:48 pm #

    My wife and I have been thinking about getting a different water heater for a while now, but we didn’t know how to find the right one. It’s interesting that you say to consider the size of the machine that will also fit with the rest of your house. It would be nice to know that you aren’t going to get one that will be too powerful.

  2. Emery Jean Chambers April 13, 2018 at 7:09 pm #

    It was amazing when you said that one of the things that people should consider when buying a water heater is the energy efficiency star seal as that will prove that it is environmentally friendly and cost-effective. I will talk to my mom about this since we need a new water heater in the house. Hopefully, we can get a propane water heater with this seal as I really want one that is cost-effective. Thank you!

  3. Ridley Fitzgerald April 17, 2018 at 3:55 pm #

    Thanks for the tips for buying a new water heater. Our old one is pretty much done for, so I want to get a new one soon. I’ll be sure to ask the contractor we hire as to the size of tank we need. I honestly have no idea!

  4. James Lee Tucker June 8, 2018 at 6:53 pm #

    It’s great that you talked about choosing a water heater which has the Energy Efficiency star seal as an economical choice. We recently purchased a house, and I plan to have a water heater installed. Now I know that I must look for a unit with Energy Efficiency star seal as I want one that can save me money from energy bills.

  5. Millie Hue August 14, 2018 at 7:13 pm #

    It really helped when you said that it would be best to check the ratings and reviews of the equipment and also its warranty. I think that is essential since it will give us an idea of whether that product is going to last for a long time due to good quality. I will definitely follow this tip so that we will only be choosing the right item for our house. We just needed this equipment because we came from the hotter part of the country, so we are not used to being in this cold when we moved into this property this week.

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