Why You Should Schedule A Spring HVAC Tune-Up!

The days are getting warmer, the nights longer and the birds are beginning to appear, which can only mean that spring has begun. This is the ideal time to think about scheduling an HVAC tune-up because the temperatures will only get warmer until they become almost unbearable during the summer. Regular HVAC maintenance is extremely essential as it keeps the system in peak working condition, not to mention affording you peace of mind.

There are numerous reasons why you should schedule a spring HVAC tune-up, some of which are explained below.

Prevent Frequent Breakdown

Most homeowners tend to take their HVAC systems for granted until something with the indoor air doesn’t feel right. The last place you want to be is in a hot, sticky home, especially when it’s blistering outside. By scheduling a spring HVAC tune-up, the skilled technicians from Russell & LeMay will promptly detect potential problems and correct them, ensuring that you are not left suffering in the sweltering heat. It’s also cheaper and better for your AC if you have any pending issues corrected and worn components replaced before things get out of hand. By skipping regular maintenance, you risk experiencing a premature system failure and incurring expensive repair costs.

Extend your HVAC Lifespan

Annual HVAC maintenance is essential to keeping your system working properly for years to come. Scheduling a spring HVAC tune-up will ensure that your system has been cleaned and properly lubricated, which is extremely important after the long winter season.

Enhance Air Quality

During winter, most homes become stuffy, and this makes spring a perfect time to open up windows and let in fresh air. HVAC systems also help with supplying filtered air throughout your home, but they need to be tuned up because winter makes coils dirty and clogged. It also makes filters accumulate dust, dirt, and debris, making it difficult for your HVAC to provide cool and clean air. A spring HVAC tune-up will take care of the clogged filters, dust build up and any other issues that might keep you from receiving quality and healthy air.

Reduce Energy Bills

If you are looking for easy ways to save on energy bills this spring, there is probably no better place to start than with your HVAC system. An HVAC unit that isn’t well maintained requires more power to operate, which might lead to elevated energy bills. A proper spring tune-up by a qualified technician will prevent your air conditioner from drawing too much power, yet it will still function efficiently to keep your home cool and your energy bills more affordable.

Flexible Scheduling During Spring

The summer season is among the busiest times for HVAC companies, and they are often crowded with emergency AC repairs. This makes it very difficult to find a service provider with enough time to do a proper tune-up when the summer hits. Conversely, a significant number of HVAC repair contractors are usually less busy during spring, which allows them an open calendar for more flexible scheduling. This makes spring the ideal time to schedule a full HVAC tune-up.

Scheduling a spring HVAC tune up is among the best ways to get ready for the warmer summer season. An HVAC maintenance schedule allows your technician to inspect and clean all major components, ensuring that your system runs efficiently while increasing its longevity. The exceptional HVAC tune-up offered by Russell & LeMay will also lower your energy bills while still keeping you fresh and cool throughout the hot season. 


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