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Over time, your household’s pipes will begin to fail. This is especially the case with pipes that run from your home out to the city line. Re-piping your home will help prevent potential bursts and prevent leaking on your property. Additionally, if you have an older home, pipes may not only eventually leak but old pipes do not maintain temperature as well as modern pipes. That’s why it is necessary to take advantage of both re-piping and burst pipe repair services offered to you by Russell & Lemay. 

Burst Pipe Repair

Pipes are more likely to break during the cold months. This is when water will fluctuate in temperature, resulting in the pipe expanding and contracting with the shifting water temperature. As long as the water remains moving the pipe will not run into many issues. However, if the water ever comes to a standstill it is more likely to freeze. If the water freezes it will expand, which forces your pipe to expand along with it. Should this happen and the pipe then warm up, the pipe might burst.

A burst pipe may eventually cost you thousands of dollars in damage if you do not take advantage of a burst pipe repair service right away. You need to turn the water off right away to prevent further leaking of water into your home, and then contact Russell & Lemay. This way, you can have professionals come out and repair your burst pipe before it further damages your property. 

The flow of water into your basement or utility room will begin to damage wood, carpeting, and anything else it contacts. If you do not take care of this right away, the water may develop mold spores, which can then spread throughout the entire house. Mold is not only dangerous to your property but also to your health. So should you have any kind of burst pipe, you need to take care of it right away. 

Re-piping Your Property

There are several forms of re-piping you might want to consider. First, if you have an older home you may want to have the entire property re-piped. When the property is re-piped you have the old pipes removed and new pipes installed. This can help improve energy efficiency with your house as the new pipes will maintain the water temperature better. This way, you won’t have to use as much hot water. 

Another form of re-piping you might want to consider is installing new piping running from your home to the city line. Over time your pipes may become corroded, which might end up leaking water and other runoff into the ground around your house. Re-piping involves installing new pipes to prevent this from happening. The re-piping method does not take the elaborate and time-consuming digging you might expect. Instead, with this kind of re-piping, the new pipe is fed through the existing pipe. It is then expanded out like a balloon. The new pipe pushes the old pipe out, allowing you to completely install a new pipe from your property to the city line without elaborate digging or tearing up your entire yard. Whatever you decide to do, Russell & Lemay are here to help. 

If you are in need of re-piping, burst pipe repair, or any other plumbing and piping needs, the team at Russell & Lemay are on hand to help. So whether you’re interested in an estimate, want to learn more about the company or are ready to schedule an on property inspection, now is the time to reach out and contact Russell & Lemay at your earliest convenience. 

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