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When it comes to servicing your home’s plumbing and HVAC system, you rely on trained professionals. That doesn’t mean you should drop your customer service expectations. It doesn’t matter what service provider or company you use, you deserve to be treated with respect and to have all of your needs covered. Quality service is just one of the many aspects Russell and LeMay prides itself on. Beyond all of the licensed and insured plumbers and technicians on hand, the quality of care and customer service you receive is a top priority from every member of the Russell and LeMay staff. 

Everything Begins With a Phone Call

The quality service you receive should begin with your initial phone call. When you contact an HVAC and plumbing service provider you typically have a rather urgent request. Whether it is your AC stopped working or you have leaky plumbing, you need to have it taken care of. Whatever your request is or whatever the problem may be, the quality service you receive starts with the first time you contact Russell and LeMay. It simply continues on from there. 

In Home Services

Following your initial phone call, a time will be established for a service provider to stop by the house. This way, they can inspect the problem and diagnose what needs to happen in order to correct the issue. If you do not have a problem but instead are interested in having a new appliance or device installed this visit is done to identify the correct equipment needed to perform the installation. Throughout the entire in-home visit, you and your home will be treated with respect. After all, you’re letting a stranger into your house, which takes a considerable amount of trust. In order to maintain your level of trust, care will be taken in order to make sure nothing happens to your property. 

Quality Services From Beginning to End

You deserve the highest level of service, regardless of what kind of issue you are having or what kind of service you are in need of. This quality care shouldn’t just begin and end with your initial phone call or estimate. It needs to continue on up until your service is complete. From beginning to end, a service provider is there to do one thing: to serve. So whether you’re interested in having a brand new HVAC system installed into your home or if you’re looking at replacing your old, metal plumbing with newer PVC, you should receive the highest level of customer care possible. That is just one way Russell and LeMay strive to be different. It isn’t just about providing top of the line services within your home. It is also about the way you and your property are treated when a technician or service provider is on hand. 

You deserve to not only receive the best repair and installation services but also the highest level of customer service as well. The two should go hand in hand, yet far too many service providers out there fail to uphold one side of the spectrum. At Russell and LeMay, you can expect to be treated with respect while also receiving the highest level of repair services as well. After all, quality service doesn’t just include your initial phone call or when a technician leaves your house. It includes every interaction you have with a company. So, if you’re interested in a quality service provider that provides expertise in both plumbing and HVAC services while also being treated to top of the line customer service, give Russell and LeMay a call today

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