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Quality of service should always be the top priority of every business. Whether visiting a restaurant or having your home’s plumbing worked on, you deserve to be treated in a professional manner¬†while the job is expertly performed. If you have worked with other HVAC and plumbing companies before, chances are you’ve had a variety of experiences, good and bad. No matter what your history is with other service providers is, you can expect nothing but the very best from Russell and LeMay.

Quality Starts With a Phone Call

The quality of your service should always start from the moment you connect with the HVAC company. Often times, inferior customer service reflects on the work a company will do. As a customer, you should be treated professionally. This should be readily apparent as soon as your phone call is answered. Whether you have a handful of questions regarding an issue you are dealing with or you want to bring in a service professional, quality customer care should be apparent from the very beginning. Any shortfall in quality care may foreshadow what is to come later.

Quality Continues During The Service

When you have a service performed within your home, you are bringing a stranger into your house. The guest should treat your home with respect, yet this is often something many service providers fail to do. You made the choice to work with a particular company and there should be not only thankfulness for being the contacted company but they should also treat you with mutual respect while inside your house. This quality care continues throughout the service rendered. Whether you are looking to install a new bathroom in your home or for a new water heater, there should be no let down in how you are treated. While allowing the technician to carry out their work is important, they should be there to inform you on the situation when you have questions. You are paying for the service and have the right to know what is going on. At Russell and LeMay, you can expect the best customer care throughout your experience, so that no matter the length of the repair job or the difficulty of the situation, you’ll always be kept in the loop.

Following the Job

When the job is complete you’ll need to issue payment. The customer service department at Russell and LeMay is able to work with you on processing the payment, regardless of if you are making the payment yourself or if you are working through an insurance provider. Each payment method brings about a different set of questions. If you have never required any sort of HVAC or plumbing service previously, this is a new experience and you’ll likely have all sorts of questions, before, during and after the project is complete. Quality customer care should continue on following the job. While not all companies are up to these standards, you’ll always be treated professionally with Russell and LeMay.

No matter what kind of work you need, customer service is important to us. You can expect nothing but the very best from Russel and Lemay, from the first time you call us until the very last interaction. Our expert staff will treat you right and keep you informed, so give us a call at (501)-225-3200 or visit our website to get more information.

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