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Plumbing Installation

If you need any plumbing solutions, look no further. Russell and LeMay is the perfect plumbing company to help you sort any home repair and new installation problem. Our network of professional and experienced experts is ready to fix it all. For more than 67 years, our plumbing installation crew has been installing quality equipment. Our installation services are fast, accurate and quality-oriented. We are well diverse in both Residential and Commercial New Construction down to the smallest jobs of installing a new sink.

Ranging from your kitchen to your bathroom, our team of professional plumbers is ready to offer satisfactory installation, repair and maintenance services. During the 50 years of service, we’ve gained a huge loyal customer base that motivates us to continue providing exceptional services. Join this network of customers today and let us handle all your plumbing installation needs.




Rheem_3-10kW Tankless Elec
RH_PROF_Prestige-Hybrid-HPWH-wEcoNet WiFi Module-50Gal
Marathon-Heavy Duty

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