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A home’s water and sewer line often goes unnoticed until there’s a major issue with the plumbing lines. Should a sewer line break, it may result in sewage pushing back into a house or even seeping into the ground around it. A poor water line running into a home can bring in undesirable minerals, while older pipes may contain toxic lead. While having your home’s plumbing inspected annually remains a recommendation, taking quick action against potential water and sewer line problems is vital; not only to the well-being of everyone inside the house, but for your property value as well.

Problems with Water & Sewer Lines

There are a handful of problems water and sewer lines may experience. While each of these problems do have different variables attributing to the situation, some of the more common problems include:

  • Sewage not draining properly and pushing back up into a home
  • Discolored water
  • Foul smell both inside and outside the property

Sewage Problems with Water & Sewer Lines

Nobody wants to deal with sewage problems. If sewage is starting to appear in random drains around the house (such as a sink or bathtub) when running another faucet, it likely means there is some sort of blockage in the sewage line. There are a handful of causes behind such a blockage. Over time, the interior of a pipe becomes smaller as minerals and sediment cling to the plumbing. As the plumbing grows smaller, pipes moving waste out of your home may not have enough available space to flow out of the house. If there is more water and sewage than the plumbing can handle, it will push back up into the house.

There are a few different ways to correct the problem. The solution is based on the cause, so it may just require a sewer line cleaning or some of the plumbing may need to be replaced. Bringing in our team of professional plumbers at the first sign of such a problem can help prevent additional repairs.

Discolored Water Problems with Water & Sewer Lines

When turning on the faucet, is the water discolored? Whether you’ve been gone for a week or you’re just washing your hands, your water should never be discolored. Usually, when water turns to a brown or another off color, it is because the pipes are starting to break down. Even if the home plumbing inside of your house is made from PVC or copper, plumbing systems can suffer from discolored water due to the water line running into the house. You need to have the water line repaired quickly, as drinking this kind of water can prove dangerous to your health.

Foul Smell Inside and/or Outside Property

Have you noticed an aroma similar to that of an outhouse when you’re in the basement, or even outside working on the lawn? This likely means there is a crack in the sewer line. It may also mean your septic tank is full (if you have one), but either way you need to have it inspected. This aroma just won’t go away, and neither you or your neighbors want to deal with it. So, should you notice any kind of lingering odor, you need to give us a call. We’ll come out and determine both the problem and solutions for you.

Whether your home is experiencing sewage pushing back up through pipes or you simply have poor water pressure, chances are you may have a water or sewer line problem. Whatever the cause may be, our team at Russell & LeMay can help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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