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If you live in or around the greater Little Rock area, Russell & LeMay is your go-to HVAC service provider. We have been in business for 67 years for good reason. Our heating and cooling experts understand HVAC nuances to a degree that few can match. We do it all, from furnace tune-ups to full system installations and beyond.

HVAC Maintenance and Emergency Service

Winter temperatures are right around the corner. If you have not had your home heating system tuned up, inspected and cleaned, the time is now! Our HVAC technicians will get your system ready for the upcoming winter so you can rest easy when those low temperatures arrive. Preventive heating and cooling maintenance will ensure that your system is operating at peak efficiency, reduce your utility bills and prevent problems from spiraling out of control.

Pinpointing an inefficiency during preventive maintenance will lead to a timely repair that does not bust your budget.  Our HVAC aficionados know the ins and outs of all major HVAC brands.  This way, you won’t have to wait until the problem becomes a major repair or requires replacement of your unit.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians and you will undoubtedly be impressed with his know-how and skill set.

Alternatively, if you require emergency heating and cooling assistance, Russell & LeMay will send a technician on over to your home or business as soon as possible. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians are here to help when you need it the most. We even provide emergency HVAC repairs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can trust our servicemen to do the job right, especially in those pressure-packed emergency situations. Our HVAC technicians are licensed and qualified to handle every HVAC challenge, no matter how severe or complicated.

HVAC Installation Services

If you are looking for new HVAC equipment, Russell & LeMay can perform a quick and thorough install that keeps your home perfectly comfortable. We can tell you all about the different HVAC equipment options, explain exactly how our team will install your new unit and answer your questions in layman’s terms that you can understand with ease. You can trust our veteran HVAC technicians to install your new equipment in a manner that does not damage your home. We go out of our way to treat customers and their property with the utmost respect. Our technicians always abide by the manufacturer’s specifications as well as local/municipal building codes.

We don’t merely install your new HVAC equipment and head on out to the next job. Our HVAC technicians go the extra mile by performing a comprehensive inspection of your system. Furthermore, our team invests the time that is necessary to conduct a series of tests to ensure each component has been properly installed and is working as designed. We will then clean up and give you a full walk-through of your new heating and cooling equipment.

The Level of Customer Service You Deserve 

Russell & LeMay provides exemplary customer service regardless of whether you need a full HVAC inspection or a comprehensive installation. Our technicians perform maintenance for all sorts of HVAC systems in a genuinely courteous manner. Maintenance customers are provided with timely same-day service, completely forthright assessments and the best prices in town. Unlike many of our competitors, we will not attempt to sell you a service you don’t actually need. We respect the fact that you are willing to invite us into your home. Our aim is to provide HVAC services in a manner that builds a rapport and inspires loyalty.

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