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One of the plumbing mistakes that people make is using chemical drain cleaners to clean out clogs from the pipes. The chemical cleaners don’t differentiate between a clog and the pipe, and it eats away everything. This can damage the drainage system overall if it is used frequently. Additionally, if the chemical meets resistance from the clog the more, it stays in that position this causes more damage to the pipe. 

1.    Poses a Danger to Children

Children tend to be touchy and a little curious as they want to know every little detail of everything. They tend to look for new things to learn and questions to ask. Having the chemical drain cleaners in your home is a safety hazard because your child might be exposed to the chemical.

2.    Has a Negative Environmental Impact

Any chemical use poses a danger to the environment when used uncontrollably.  Chemical drain cleaners go to the sip tank when used in the drain system. After they get to the tank, they can get access to other water sources which can cause danger. The water when released can find its way to the groundwater, and this can harm the environment. Water contamination is a risky thing and can cause a lot of water-borne diseases. Also, chemicals in the water when taken in high volume can make people exposed to cancer.

3.    Pipe Damage

One of the plumbing mistakes that people tend to do is the use of chemical cleaning agents for their drains. These chemicals end up damaging the pipes since they depend on heat to remove the clogs from the pipes. This, in turn, makes the pipes softer and weak which poses a danger to your plumbing system. This not only works on new pipes made from plastic but also old pipes which are made from metal. Continuous use of the chemical cleaning agents eventually causes the pipes to be weaker and damage the plumbing system.

A.    Alternatives to Chemical Drain Cleaners

1.    Homemade Cleaning Agents

•    Dish Soap and Hot Water

This is the most popular used drain cleaning agent as it is easily available. It works great on greasy clogs, and it works best in the kitchen sink. The soap and water remove all the greasy clogs and allow your drainage pipe to be clean and pass water easily.

•    Vinegar and Baking Soda

This is a great alternative as it works the same as the chemical drain cleaners with less toxic of course. All you have to do is pour a little baking soda in the drainage and then add vinegar. Wait for around 10-15 minutes for the mixture to be able to clear the clogs.

2.    Get a Plumber’s Auger

A plumber’s auger is sold in any hardware store and home improvement centers it is easy to use. You only need to put the auger inside the drain until it hits the clog. When it hits the clog push it further by turning the crank then run some water down the drain to check if it is unblocked.

3.    Bent Wire Hanger

To avoid simple plumbing mistakes, you can opt to use a bent wire hanger to unclog your sink. Make a hook from the wire and push it down the drain until it meets resistance. Then add more force and push the clog, hence unclogging the sink.

You can avoid plumbing mistakes by staying away from chemical drain cleaners and try removing the clog or calling a plumber. The chemical drain cleaners can be harmful to your health and the environment.

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