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When winter is on its last legs and spring is just around the corner, it is a time when the days may be warm, but the nights remain quite cold. It is not a time that can be inconvenient and uncomfortable if your heater stops working.

An HVAC system that has brought you comfortably through a bitterly cold winter can develop defects that may require to incur the high costs that can be involved in heating repair. 

Clean Filters

Heaters will stop working when they have filters that are not functioning as they should.  Your home can have pet dander and other dirt and debris that can make their way through the filters every time there is an air change, and these can clog the filters and cause the heater unit to work in an erratic fashion. Once filters are clogged, they can lead to the heater not working, and make your family cold and uncomfortable. 

Loose Belts and Motor Issues

You will at times notice that your heating system is taking a long time to heat up the air in your home. Heating units work on thermostats that switch on or switch off the units in operation, and at times you may find that these heaters are running for longer periods or starting and stopping very often.  This defect is an indication that the fan motors may have bearings that are worn out or belts that are loose. It is a time when you need to go in for heating repair which at times may make a hole in your budget. 

A Thermostat That Malfunctions

Thermostat malfunctions are often the culprits when you find that your heater disperses heat intermittently or is not able to control the fan. In the worst case, this defect in the thermostat can lead to their being no heat, and this can make the end of the winter a very uncomfortable time that you will have to endure.

Heating repair is not very complicated or difficult if all these problems listed above, are the reasons for the poor performance of your heater. The Central Arkansas area has been well served for the past 67 years for any problems of heating repair because they have always been able to call on the quality services offered by Russell & LeMay. In 2016, this company was voted the “Best of the Best”. Your HVAC needs are taken care of when you choose to avail of their expertise.

At Russell & LeMay we respond to your emergency needs all round the clock and offer you service on the day that you ask for it.  Our annual maintenance programs can bring you a lot of advantages, while as a customer of these services you can get parts at special discounts.  

Russell & LeMay technicians are experienced professionals who will do their utmost to see that your heater runs smoothly and keeps your family in comfort.

Our office staff will give you the same degree of attention and will help you with any problems or issues that you have regarding HVAC.

Installation Needs

Our hard work is not limited to fixing problems with your installed heating system. We can install a new system to the quality you desire and any follow-up action that it may subsequently need. Ducts can be retrofitted to the new unit so that it functions as it is meant to. 

Our website can give you a lot of information about our company and the services it can offer. Call us and allow us to schedule an appointment.

This season should not have you worrying about heating repair!

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