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Have you noticed your faucet has been dripping? Perhaps you can hear the drip-drip-drip sound in the middle of the night, or just whenever you walk past you see a drop of water running down into the sink. Whatever has drawn your attention to the leaky faucet, it is a sign you need to take care of the problem now. It may not seem like that big of a deal. A single drop of water can result in hundreds of gallons of water wasted annually. This is literally money dripping down your drain.

Generally, leaky faucets are caused by one of a few problems. Sometimes the problem is a minor one that you can easily fix on your own. But some problems may require you to have your faucet replaced. Whatever the cause may be, a licensed and trained professional plumber from Russell & LeMay is always available to assist you with your leaky faucet and plumbing needs. 

O Ring Problems
Leaks are often caused because of the faucet’s O ring. When the O ring has deteriorated or has been damaged, it can no longer provide a proper seal. It is a straightforward repair that requires the faucet to be removed to perform the repair. The exact method for removing the faucet depends on the kind of faucet you have. Some faucets have connector screws in the top of the hot and cold knobs. Others have screws on the rear of the faucet itself. If you plan to perform the repair on your own, you should look up the removal instructions from the manufacturer’s website to avoid any additional and unnecessary damage. 

Issues with the Washer
The most common reason for a leaky faucet is that its washer is worn out. The washer is subjected to almost constant friction, so it can deteriorate. A new washer can be picked up for just a few dollars. Sometimes the washer may have not been installed correctly. If you attempted to install the faucet yourself and there is a leak, it could be because the washer wasn’t installed correctly. To correct this, you should contact the professionals at Russell & LeMay. 

Valve Seat is Corroded
Water and oxygen together create the potential for corrosion. If the valve seat in your faucet corrodes, it will start to break down and could cause a leak. You’ll need to fully replace the valve seat.

Leaky faucets may not seem like much, but every drip is money down the drain and, if you don’t have it repaired soon, you may end up paying hundreds of dollars for all the water you are wasting. It is best to have the leaky faucet repaired or replaced as soon as possible. This saves you money and, if you’ve been considering an upgrade, now is the perfect chance to do it. Whatever the plumbing problem is that you’re experiencing at home, a team of professional, licensed, and insured professionals are just a phone call away at Russell & LeMay. 

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