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Hurray, winter is over! If there is a time of the year every homeowner loathes, it’s that cold season. Freezing nights, chilly mornings, and the hazy weather – it makes life unbearable. Anyway, we’re over that now so let’s talk about how to prepare for the bliss of the warm season.

Unlike winter where you spend most of the day warming the house, summer is exactly the opposite – you’ll be spending most of the days cooling. And that’s where the problem lies.  After a long period of inactivity, the HVAC’s cooling components can accumulate a lot of dirt and dust. These elements are harmful not only to the HVAC system but also to your loved ones.

So, what should I do? Schedule Spring Maintenance for the HVAC system. There are four main benefits of servicing your HVAC system during spring;

  • Early problem detection and fixing of an unhealthy system

When a Russell & Lemay HVAC technician comes in for spring maintenance, the first thing they usually do is visually inspect the entire system to ensure that it’s ready for the job at hand. Are the cooling units operating normally? Is the ductwork in shape? Are the registers functioning optimally? The idea is to uncover any warning signs of malfunction at an early stage so that such issues can be addressed in advance. The technician will also check for signs of rusting, corrosion, excess moisture, pooling water, and condensation among others. If left unchecked, these issues can worsen quickly and may cost a lot of money to fix.

  • Thorough system cleaning to increase energy efficiency

While some homeowners see HVAC as a needless expense, it can actually be a cost saver. Studies show that the layer of dirt on your indoor coils and the dust on the outdoor coils can increase your cooling bills by up to 30%. If your ducts are blocked or leaking, that’s another inefficiency that could significantly add to your cooling bills. Leaking ducts, for example, can increase energy usage by up to 20%. Clogged coils, dirty filters, and loose belts are other common sources of energy wastage in the home as they can cause the cooling system to run more frequently and for longer periods. By addressing these issues now with spring maintenance, you can save a lot of money come summer.

  • Elimination of hidden allergens

If you or one of your loved ones is allergic to mold, dust, and other airborne elements, that’s one more reason to have your HVAC serviced in advance. Your air filter does an incredible job trapping these elements. But it’s natural that a few tiny particles can escape even the best filter. These tiny particles can then settle on coils in your HVAC system and develop into a layer of grime – a prime breeding spot for mold and bacteria which if left unattended can contaminate your air all summer. It is during spring maintenance that an experienced technician can uncover and remove these elements by thoroughly cleaning the system. 

  • Fixing electrical components for optimal system performance

Finally, spring maintenance may also provide an opportunity for an HVAC technician to take a look at the electrical components of your system. Is the thermostat functioning properly? Is the wiring between the thermostat and the AC unit working? An experienced technician will even look at the circuit boards and relays, check for wire degradation  and test on-board capacitors to see if they need to be replaced.


If you live in Little Rock, Arkansas and haven’t scheduled spring maintenance for your HVAC yet, contact us at Russell & Lemay  to book an appointment.

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  1. Kayla November 6, 2017 at 7:57 pm #

    My dad is preparing our house for winter. He also checked our HVAC. My uncle sent him this article and told him that he should have it checked last spring. Dad is now looking up some maintenance for HVAC.

  2. Khorae Olivier May 18, 2018 at 1:41 pm #

    I love how you talked about allergens being reduced in your home if you service your HVAC system in advance of needing it. I am one of those people who is allergic to dust, pollen, and various other airborne allergens, so having clean air in my home is really important to me. Thank you for the information about how spring maintenance with an experienced technician can uncover and remove these bd elements by thoroughly cleaning the system.

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